Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Change is the only constant. Happinessinthisworld has a great post on Change.

Yet something as simple as a supermarket closing down throws life out of sync.

Goodbye, More. You were great while you were around. Fruits were fresh, vegetables were straight from the fields, the staff was helpful and courteous. Poor kids, what happens to them now? Discount and range were decent, not earthshaking, and I reciprocated with my loyalty and solid billing.

Unlike a traditional housewife, you did not do in-season purchases, you did not tie up with the producer, and margins got hit—even my aunt stocks up on spices and grains in season, so how complicated is that?

Now I have to figure out how to deal with conniving, silver tongued sabziwallas who’ve made a religion out of short weights.

The positives? This opens up two free hours on Sunday morning.

And DD1 is showing a series based on the Upanishads.

This morning I got a rejection on a story that is almost as long as the story. And have decided to put up stuff on Tumbhi, starting with stories that are anyway online.


norrbu said...

a show on the upanishads- what is it called?
change and constants don't go along di -

icyhighs said...

People still watch DD1? I guess somethings never change then.

Anonymous said...

New favorite expression: "silver-tongued sabziwalla." Thank you again!