Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I’ll write about
Anything but the spirit of the city
Resilient survivor of shattered glass
Like a battered abuse survivor--resilient but also a partaker, silent
So, the rains would do
Now that its been raining nonstop
Rain drumming over the covered roof at work
The wind whistling as it races uphill
Rain drumming on the downstair neighbors’ awning
Sometimes fine English rain but mostly in your face rain that impinges
Gets into your eyes and brain
Makes a joke of raingear
Not to mention the flooded roads that were paved not too long ago
If you cant see it, its not there,
Rain that brings long forgotten streams and rivulets to life
Nonstop this week, all this week
The skies overcast and the birds silent
perhaps we have enough water to last
this filled-to-the-brim and spilling-over city
enough water to quench
its unending thirst


Anonymous said...

You got to me with your writing about what you're not writing about; the emotional punch of that rain.

Verna Wilder said...

Beautiful! You put me right there on the rainy streets and brought me home with the last line. Thank you!

PQ said...

I've experience rains in Mumbai...reminds me of my flight getting cancelled many times