Thursday, July 07, 2011

After the keys were received and accounted for
Crisp paperwork and signatures done;
cheques signed with particular flourish
The deal tied up
I was shocked-- at how tiny it seemed
As it had before
And it did, again
But getting my foot in the door, that’s what mattered.
The security of my own home, that’s what mattered
So yes, tiny square footage, all mine
Along with banyan tree and view to the horizon
But I was still shocked. And worried.
About vintage, teak. And fitting it all in.
Until I came across
apartment therapy and their cool contest
for tiny spaces, some tinier than mine
all the entries jostling for delight
but oh so elegant with texture, color and light
So to the magic worked by strangers in distant lands,
Specially Beth in Sausalito, color and style compacted
a cheery cottage so nimble you wouldn’t believe it
My everlasting gratitude


Ritu said...

To appartment therapy add "craft gawker" and "dwelling gawker" and every nook and corner will be inspired! I am soo proud and happy for you. This time when I'm in Mumbai - I get to see your very own home. Yay!

Guilie said...

Congratulations!!! Square footage matters not... It's the love with which you suffuse the space, the specialness of your own personality that will, regardless of trends or inspirations, permeate every corner, that does.

AmitL said...

Heyy...congratulations...your own space in Mumbai..that's indeed great news..:)Happy housewarming.:)

PQ said...

Congratz Austy! Its all yours :-)
You can do a lot in a short space. Will visit you someday.

Arunima said...

Congrats! I know the feeling.

Verna Wilder said...

What a lovely way to express your fear and delight about having your own small space. I love your writing!