Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There is something pure, ascetic like
In this disdain for the limelight
In fealty to the craft, no more, no less
A tale, when there’s one to be told,
(such an old fashioned word, fealty
I turn the words around, savor the taste)
No pr spiel, no oversell
No shiny smiles, no sound byte
Just a simple tale, and a tale told well
That breezy light, play of wind and rain
A church spire outlined in the evening light
sustenance anchored in wealth of the soil
The rush of sap to sequoia leaf- arch
Long lost echo, laughter gale of tag
And such it was, and will be again


And I have not even seen the movie.


Anonymous said...

"Fealty" is one of my favorite words. That and "ineluctable."

Anonymous said...

Also -- thanks for the heads-up on Tree of Life. Haven't seen a movie in quite awhile, but would like to see this one.