Monday, June 06, 2011

The philosopher Bhaan-dev, in his essay in Navneet Samarpan June 2011 presented an interesting hypothesis, one for me to surely remember if not read a few times a week. What he says is that Indian philosophy, Indian thought, and he quotes the sources from the scriptures and volumes, is all for living, for life as a celebration, as an offering to the Lord if you will, insomuch that war, death or decay are parts of a wholesome life as well. And that the thought of life as something to be renounced, to be shed, to be outgrown, a suffering to be borne with patience and tired fortitude, endless cycle of birth and death, is a later intervention, an influence perhaps of Buddhist thought.
Must read that essay like a mantra.


Anonymous said...

When I think of running scared, retreating back to hide under my comfortable chair, I will think of this wisdom.

austere said...

A lady who handles spiders and snakes with panache does not run scared.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. . . but "takes pictures of" is more accurate than "handles." :)