Thursday, April 28, 2011

Routines are good.
I end up setting routines for the most mundane things.
The “what-next’s” keep me on track. On the straight and narrow.
Keeps me from over-thinking, is there a word for that.
Or slipping into brooding.
My voice sounds chirpy, a friend says.
A time to rest and a time to get up, a time to get set, a time to run…
Yet, for the difficult stuff there is no time
For the really life changing stuff. Orbital shifts and all that, you know?
I read through the pages, marvel at the work done.
I know it can matter, life-changing.
But I still stay off. Perhaps digging, unearthing is not comfortable.
Today I looked around blogdom, followed links and realized how inward-looking this blog has become.
So be it


Ricercar said...

nice to go with the flow, sometimes?

AmitL said...

This post was sooo relaxing...might follow your lead and do some relaxation these two holidays.:)

Elizabeth (Beth) Westmark said...

Routines and a discipline of self-enforced outward cheer can be the essential bridge to allow time to go by (time, that critical element for healing). Inward-looking is not a pejorative in my book.

norrbu said...

no di - inward is good, but I find your your observations of life outside eye opening.

shooting star said...

yes, routines are good..they take one's mind off the grim situation...and sometimes through very bad phases of life.....

Chandrika Shubham said...

Disciplined life is better. :)

I like these lines.
Sweet siren of endless lanes