Sunday, April 17, 2011

last night
at the concert paying tribute to the reclusive maestro of Maihar
but I was there cause you'd have wanted it
(like I do so many things cause you'd have wanted it)
a shower of musical notes
shook up neurons, long asleep
pushed them into high drive
listening to the bihag play out, expansive
flowing,swirling, adding energy with every turn, like the ripples in a lake
the joy of knowing the words to this classical piece,
yet the ear is alert, waiting for a voice
fragile times
yet, satience.

(yday was Ustad Allauddin Khansaheb's birth anniversary. today is baba's b'day, or would have been)


norrbu said...

must've been really good austere di.

AmitL said...

Sounds like a good concert..and, sigh! at the last line.I can't really say much at such times. He's always there with you in spirit, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, Austere, will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

April 9th always sticks in my head. It is the day one of my Grandmother's died. A day that marked a turning point in my life when I found a lter from her dated "April 9th" the year before she had passed away.

Wish there was more I could say to you. While the tears have stopped, the pain of their absence is still here.

shooting star said...

completely reminded of Dad and small incidences.....remember his smile when i do something which i know which would have made him happy, like the simple act of staying over with them(parents) over the weekend...when i ring the bell at their house, he came over with a smile on his face that expressed so much about his feelings inside....
I know u would understand me too...

monideepa said...

sending virtual hugs... sitting quietly by your side and hodling your hand for a few moments