Thursday, March 10, 2011

you keep the words
at a respectful distance
Of the tricks they can play
of their moods and whimsies,
And the slips they do on purpose, sly
sound one way and mean another
(when they know you’re not at your best)
the letters push, pell-mell
a rush hour melee,
of broken font and serifs
mismatched type-families.
yet in the blanks between the letters, you spot
traces of disquiet , forgotten memories
now announcements in bold, underlined,
under spotlight for all the world.
the words turn traitor,
Dragging their feet, gluey and reluctant
Sharp, serrated edges stand out like origami
‘Tis wiser to stay aloof

(note: written for the poetry group, I am ok)


Anonymous said...

Excuse me please for not responding to your poem, now and earlier.
The ongoing desaster(s) make me feel a bit grey.

Arunima said...

glad to know it is not personal:-)

AmitL said...

'Tis wiser to stay aloof' of my philosophies on many days...helps avoid many an argument...specially at work.

austere said...