Friday, March 04, 2011

A rhyme learnt in kindergarten has taken me so long to understand:

"popat bhookhyo nathi, popat tarsyo nathi
popat amba ni daal; popat sarovar ni paal,
popat majhaa karey.."

A young vagabond parrot, who’s run away from home, trills about the pleasures of the wide world, showing off he is without a care. But ouch, he’s hurting.

Head down, getting on with life
Sticking to a routine helps
Writing helps, the rote of weekly subs and crits at IWW.
But writing poetry, that too a poyemn a day? phew! I’m surprised too.
Walking helps, round and round the park we go.
So much paperwork!
Working longer hours.
Getting home after 9 has logic, not much of the day is left then.

Cooking is tough-- the fridge overflows with leftovers.

Anyway, head down and quick march, “popat majhaa karey”


Ricercar said...

i kept my head down and nose to the routine for the longest time - trying not to think. but then briefly was hit by a burst of inspiration. look up. look in a flower. a sunset. other people. and be happy. try to focus on good stuff - ignore the bad sad and mad (even when it gurgles out in bubbles and smoke now and then) but that too passes, maybe. hope you feel better soon, a

AmitL said...

That's one interesting rhyme..and,easier to understand,now,I guess.
Quite agree with Ricercar @ lookinh up, ignoring the bad,sad and mad.As the saying goes'tough times don't last,tough people do'.

PQ said...

Fridge overflows with leftovers....same here...finishing one by one

Anonymous said...

March ... where?

(You got mail.)

shooting star said...

hi there....wat to say....lost my Dad last week, for me, his memories are enough inspiration, the good times we spent as a family , the tough times and also the ugly times.....

ur the first one who came up in my mind when i thought of sharing my loss in blogworld.....