Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scintillating days.
Watching sunlight flood the green past the trees in the morning.
Watching the wind ruffle through colored flags that line the street.
And the twinkling multicolored lights at night.
The adrenalin charged beats of the dholak.
I've travelled east west north south, visiting friends for darshan.
I've taken so many different modes of transport, met so many helpful strangers along the way.
In unusual places, a benevolent, all-giving calm.
Acres of green as far as the eye can see, in Orlem.
A jutting hilltop viewed from a friend's balcony in Thane as the mist rolls past.
A handkerchief-sized farm, stubborn, jaunty amidst tall buildings.
That blessing from the Lalbaug Cha Raja, even if it was via a forward.
His blessing suffuses through my days.


Tamanna said...

Thane is so awesome during rains.. I have forgotten the name of this hillock in Thane, it has a restaurant right on top. And the drive there is just so awesome. Go there before rains are over for good :)

AmitL said...

So nice,na?I wish I could've been in Baroda during this festival.:)Where Thane is concerned,I remember just a bit of it-used to go to II Pokhran,which was BSL's factory.

Leni Qinan said...

I like your musical prose, Austere. It sounds great.

austere said...

Tamanna- next time. This time it was just the hill and the tiny farm.

Amit- amazing festive feel to the air.Just too much.

leni- I sometimes go into a description overdrive. put up with me!

Tamanna said...

Yeoor be the name, I finally remember :)

PQ said...

I am missing celebrating it in India

austere said...

Tamanna- yes, a beautiful range only just crop some...

PQ- nothing like the Mumbai one. Ok, Pune too.