Thursday, August 20, 2009

No, I don’t think I’m ok with Sardar Patel being bad mouthed. Let’s not forget the map of country would have gaping holes in place of AP, Saurashtra and J&K had it not been for this man’s fine mastery of sam dam dand bhed.
One piddly politician acknowledging that or not does not matter.
(The highlight of his career is handing over terrorists on a platter with thanks, no one has forgotten.)
So-let him peddle his book and be done with it.
Why give him extraordinary publicity by banning the book?
Yes, my Gujju blood boils.


norrbu said...

I'd wanted to write just that in my last comment, about the chance for Indian unification after the British left. The Iron Man wasted no time doing just that.

As for the book and its ridiculous claim, that has clearly misfired. I guess he's lost all his credentials now.

austere said...

Thanks, norrbu.

Wont be able to say anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'll have a look in the India Times tomorrow to fully understand. Do you recommend another additional source of information?

austere said...

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India's first home minister and he literally cobbled the country together.

AmitL said...

I don't really pay credence to any of our politicians saying there!Buying one of their books is out of the question,let alone reading a review!Life's too short,anyway.

quin browne said...

i agree with the banning giving more publicity to the man.. interesting read, my friend.

thank you.

austere said...

quin- yeah...have to stay off the short fuse on this one.

amit- this man is trying to rewrite cut paste history. grr.