Monday, August 03, 2009

BBC on Saturday featured Sting and the Neurology of Music.
Watched spellbound at the maestro was decoded/ deciphered in a series of MRIs.
That tune from Sister Moon that quivers in the air like a mist swirling before its set free by the first rays of the sun; the haunting Arabic voice in Desert Rose that spins a plaintive cry before settling free and soaring—which part of the brain does that sit in, so one sort of waits for it before it is sung?

And Hema and Kaushik from Unaccustomed Earth/ Jhumpa Lahiri- which quicksilver words did she draw on, what magic dust did she sprinkle and which hidden memories so deep in the brain did she awaken, so the reader is left stunned, distraught, grieving wanting to shout “No! You can’t do that!” in despair like a personal loss even a day after shutting the book?


Ricercar said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I will have to look for that program on music and the mind.

It is always sad when a good book comes to a close.

Take Care,

AmitL said...

I'm envious-you get to see and dissect all the good programs..hehe!:)
I did your tag,btw.:)

AmitL said...

Waise,I tagged u back,to see some more handwritten posts from u!!*evil grin*..hehehe!

austere said...

Amit- this is VERY mean. I might even oblige. or not.
Waisey you don't have sat tv in the land of the sheikhs?

nimh- she is very very good. these stories shake up your mind.

ricer- :)

AmitL said...

hehe..we do have Sat TV..but,you manage to view the right programs at the right times.:)

quin browne said...

i've missed reading you.

austere said...

amit - ha! :)

quin- I missed being read by you. :)

PQ said...

I rembr from one of u'r earlier posts...probly on rediff that u like Desert Rose...I rembr :-)