Thursday, January 22, 2009

You want me to translate.
Words of joy, words of sorrow, words dewdrop fragile, words of hope that dance on the breeze.
I refuse. No, I wont.
Shan’t. Tweedle-dee. No. Nada.
But you’re good. Very good.
Sam, dam, dand, bhed- you try it all, so lightly, that gracious touch.
(No- I can’t translate that. Somewhat means- by all means fair or foul.)
I’m stubborn. Not an inch.
No, its not particularly tough.
No, not a scab issue; this little birdie long became a filthy hawk.
I dunno- but won’t.
Then you use that golden allure. Your contacts.
What a lovely tantalizing thread.
A shortcut to “apply apply, no reply”.
Quid pro quo. No free lunch.
You know I’m hungry for that one chance.
But I won’t budge.
I’m stubborn that way.
No bargains.


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy!!That was mite confusing!!Though,quite liked the last lines' I'm stubborn that way.No bargains'..grin grin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are stubborn.
Eigensinnig. Dein eigener Kopf.

austere said...

Amit- I don't buy that! Of course you got every darn word.

mago-eh? herr magician, trust you said something nioe. :)

austere said...

ha ha ha... babelfish says "your own head"

quin browne said...

i say it so often, your words leave a wonderful flavour on the tongue after they are read aloud.

AmitL said...

hehehe..:)U didn't get me-the lines were clear-the fact that you're stubborn that way(only) was confusing.:)

soleil said...


shooting star said...

no bargains...??? are you sure...???

Anonymous said...

Two cheers for stubborness here! hip-hip-hooray!

Would you like to play the part of the kettle or the pot? :)

austere said...

proxima- can I morph? Make that deep dark blackish black, please. ho hum hooray.

shootin- yep

soleil- great! hmm? now translate that for me..

Amit- ha ha ha.

quin- these ones were a temper tantrum. :) thanks but.

Portia said...

Stubborn, yes, and maybe not a fan of saying no? I can relate! You strike me as so composed, regardless. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself...I hope all is well:)