Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dasvidanya is very good.
(No, I’m not saying goodbye. In Russian or any other language.)
The movie, yes?
Vinay Pathak is brilliant. As the man with maybe two months to live.
To finish up all the loose odds. To tie up the ends.
I cried tons. Laughed uproarious. Heckled. Sobbed tears I didn’t know I had. Laughed.
Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. Gibran.
(I don’t care if it is a copy of some Angreji film. I don’t watch Angreji)
The humor, the subtleties, the nuances, the digs and verbal nonverbal hints were very much Indian.
It stuns you. Leaves you blank.
Reminds you of your own “use by” date.
Leaves you at the crossroads.
“ and they have their exits and entrances...”.


norrbu said...

Has Vinay Pathak won anything for Bheja Fry? Best Hero, best comic role, anything? Cause I really liked him.

manuscrypts said...

so, hyderbhai finally obliged? :)

Anonymous said...

That's one of the many areas I stand completely ... buffeled?
"Wie der Ochse vor dem Scheunentor" Going to the cinema seems to be a kind of "happening" - ?

Portia said...

Must be either a passionate story or a passionate story teller..:) I just went to the theater for 1st time in years, had forgotten what a difference the big screen makes.

AmitL said...

That's one good actor-Vinay Pathak-I plan to watch the movie this weekend...so,good of you to give just an inkling of what to expect.:)

I hear Oye Lucky Oye is also equally good?

Anonymous said...

"Standing at the crossroads, my head down and cry ..."
An old blues from Mr. Johnson, Clapton did it, very good version from Canned Heat.

A universum of texts. A universe meant to be read. *Shudder* ... Borges is right, the only exit is laughter. "Does anybody remember laughter?"

I am lost in citation now.

austere said...

norrbu-I found Bheja Fry slightly putting down the poor man, this one is, in a sense, but you don't even notice it. Tell me what you think of the movie. No, I don't think he won- no naach gana.

manu- he drawled,"madaaaaam aap ke jaisa customer kahan milega"- steep rental, legal copy.next is Ramchand H and I yet have to see Manorama 6 ft. under

mago! I'm catching up on some hindi films, watching them at home- this one was really good. This isn't mainstream cinema, which is a bit like a carnival.

portia-small screen only, but I made popcorn :)No patience to go all the way in the darn traffic to a multiplex. Excellent story.

amit- feedback awaited. I think good movies are more abt what they do to you, inside of you, how they linger long after- not many do that- this one did.

mago- I am lost in translation.Yes, perhaps Clapton did it too, make you think with his words long after. Laughter is a good exit- a brave exit.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Total agreer... real nice movie...sometime will recommend some nice tam movies...maybe you could watch with subtitles...


austere said...

Then I can't enjoy the shot- taking, na.

You want me to watch Mister Rajnikanth as Shivaji, da?

Sathya said...

No aust there are some awesome tam movies that get made sans the boss :)

some real nice low budget movies ... sadly they dont get the pan indian audience ... nor any worthy audience in fact...

Portia said...

that's the best way if you ask me:)

austere said...

Sathya boss- tell me the titles, am sure to find them in Matunga, nestled by the sambar or pooja shops.

Portia- maybe the other way is fun people-watching, but I'd never make it....

milieu said...

totally good movie that one! loved the way it treated such a serious subject in an optimistic way without sounding callous! reminded me of the old Anand (Rajesh khanna's)
oye lucky oye oye is funny too!

San said...

i still havent been able to get my hands on a copy of this movie. heard so many promising reviews.

austere said...

san- dekho, dekho. very quick and sleek.

milieu- thanks for commenting. :) Oye lucky was good, but we had a fight watching it as in an argument, cause the parent thought it glorified crime. The way he walks away with the stereo system was too good na? Dasvidanya was short on sentimentalism and given the story line that's a delicate balance, hence a bravo.

milieu said...

Yeah Oye does make the main character a robin hood kind of figure. i loved the cheekiness plus the songs were too good. :)