Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shravan, the holy month, draws to a close.
It has been a peaceful time.
In tribute, some images of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva -- these were taken when I rushed through a few states down south last year.

At the garden in VIZAG

Sringeri gate

the ancient temple in Sringeri

Suchindram temple
the ancient shrine in Bora caves


Alien said...

nice... got here after a looong time!! how goeth things?

austere said...

So good to hear from you!
Am good, enjoying independence thoroughly.
How are you??
Good to see you writing again too-- refrained from commenting :))

PQ said...

Shringeri...brings fond memories...went there almost 2 decades back last...

63mago said...

She is alive !
Thank you for the pictures.

austere said...

Mago-- hehe.. back to haunt you...

PQ- What a peaceful place it is. Liked the way it is off the beaten track so relatively free of crowds.

PipeTobacco said...


I have missed you greatly! I am go glad you are still writing!!!!!!!


norrbu said...

ditto, austere di.

63mago said...

Carissima - we have a kind of celebration here. It invokes me to wish all the best to YOU - hey ! Make a sound please : How are You ? Where are You ? Are You busy, writing, travelling ?

I hope You are well - Alles Gute !