Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Incredible how busy one can be-- without much to show for it.  Days have fallen into a predictable pattern now--  a longish walk in the morning, afternoon nap, evening time  a Turkish serial and then a temple visit. Yes, for the first time in years I collect and arrange flowers, and for the first time ever, I tried to decipher the meanings of the verses I have long recited by rote.

I did some volunteer work too, but may need to shift back to teaching English instead of science, my students have gone AWOL,they preferred coaching classes.

Have been caretaking with hospital visits for some people too, but fortunately that phase seems to be over for now.

Writing got difficult with all the free time...  Some translations got done, but my speed has halved now as the author has turned extra particular...

I did watch some great movies—Sairat, Waiting, Udta Punjab, Dhanak—and that’s from the last two months only. Finished “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande…. Gave my grey cells a workout.


PQ said...

Like your routine. I haven't done a morning walk in long now, you are inspiring me.

Beth said...

I appreciated "Being Mortal" -- as you say, a workout for gray cells and also the heart.