Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A week of many firsts

The first time ever I watched a movie in the matinee show, logging in late at work…A Theory of Everything well worth it.

First time ever I left for an early morning, predawn puja and somber yagna on Ganesh Jayanti.

First time ever I made it to distant Peddar road to the Films Div campus and distant-er Thane both on the same weekend, using public transport. The frugalista in me much satisfied.

First ever I helped albeit in a minor way, with a crow’s rescue.


Icy Highs said...

First matinee? Aah, misspent youth.

PQ said...

Cool Austy! Way to go :)

Billy said...

It has been too long, my friend. I am back to blogging. How are you?