Monday, December 29, 2014

Things I did this year; Continued to live frugally +

1.       Invested in select close ended micro caps funds.  Other than the inherited ELSS tax ones this is the first time I went closed ended.
2.       Invested in small caps watching volumes and rule of ten. Some worked, some didn’t. This is more for my brain rather than some path breaking return.
3.       Disconnected from pink n’papers. Put in more google alerts. Subscibed to some fantastic inv blogs.
4.       Continued to inv in large cap MF
5.        Continued to add to “what has worked” core stocks. Sometimes the price was right sometimes not. What has worked is based on 2008- 2014 CAGR on holdings.
6.       Reached a comfort level with a 5 figure price. At a 52 wk low, I’ll take it.
7.       Continued to look at div payout and ROCE as key factors. Micromanaged dividend payouts. Cash flow!
8.       Continued to inv in PPF. Taxfree, thanks to GOI.
9.       Continued to track costs. Now I have data from 2008 (minus the time I was away on parent duty)
10.   Last few years I was midcap fund heavy for new inv. I can live with that.
11.    Did the paperwork for junk owned. You never know when the land suddenly turns valuable. Or the Co is acquired.
12.   Need to begin to sell based on perf. Need to be able to sell a parent owned stock even though he was very good a picker. On the other hand these amounts were minimal so let it ride.
13.   For the first time bought back something sold if the perf justified it.

I took this off yday after looking aghast at the counter. Put it back today, who cares.


PQ said...

Wow you invest a lot, I have just begun and so far I'm enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about, and I think there is no need to explain, I'd have forgotten about it half an hour later.