Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PQ asked for photos of the park, so here we go...

orange copper pod sandwiched by bakuls

magnificent raintree... blooms too fine to be seen

fresh leaves on the kailashpati

kailashpati... what a heavenly scent

apta... bauhinia leaves

stylo! HK orchid , Bauhinia

tivar... a carpet of fine blooms underfoot

glorious gold

sita ashoka

the first amaltas or laburnum

persian lilac... delictate and poisonous as hell


the first gulmohur


PQ said...

Thanks Austy for posting the pics :)
These are beautiful flowers and trees. Gulmohar amazing and the yellow flowers - don't they bring a smile. Trees as always make me feel so happy and so have you by capturing them for me.

Anonymous said...

... ooohh ... makes the park in the city here look pretty drab.

Icy Highs said...

this is in bombay?

austere said...

PQ-- :)

Mago... I live in two of the best cities on earth...

Icy: Ah yes, Mumbai and ah yes the suburbs and ah yes the Eastern suburbs... :) come and see it!