Thursday, January 23, 2014

A FB friend, Dushyant, has written a book of short stories—July ki ek raat
Very slice of life. Modern tales. Abrupt endings that leave you stunned.
The story stays with you.

Easy to handle for non-Hindi natives like me.


PQ said...

Wow! He is rated 4 & its 'Out of stock'. Hopefully I can read it sometime.

Anonymous said...

[unrelated, sorry]

A book that perhaps could be interesting for you:

Rycroft, Daniel J.; Dasgupta, Sangeeta (Hrsg.): The Politics of
Belonging in India. Becoming Adivasi (= Routledge Contemporary South Asia). London: Routledge 2011. ISBN 978-0-415-60082-8; 238 S.; EUR 116,36.

I saw the German review, it's lauded as very readable, carefully edited and enrichment for the understanding in the West.

austere said...

Mago, this book seems written for an expert! But thanks for the reference.

PQ- will lend you my copy when you visit.