Monday, December 16, 2013

Time now for the sarees to be press-rolled and put away, packed in muslin and layered with shreds of dried tobacco, the acrid scent for keeping bugs away.
So that's 4 events in a fortnight, three of which were multi-event, close family functions--enough socializing to last me for the next six months.
 If I had children, I'd have prompted them to run away-- what a jhamela weddings have become.
But yes, took lots of photos, the Baroda wedding was at the Golf Club on the palace grounds-- beautiful.
This predawn, made my second visit to Siddhi Vinayak in a week-- felt blessed.
More later.


Anonymous said...

tabacco - here it is / was a little sack with some spices, oh dear I smell it but forgot what it was !
And paper into the textile, so that it does not "break", the line where it's folded.

PQ said...

Asking kid to elope...good idea Austy :)
Just curious...ever considered adoption? I want to, thinking of it in two years...the plan for now. And too will ask the kid to elope :)

austere said...

Mago-- paper! My birth mother's saree from maybe 1960-- the cloth just gave away though the brocade is good...I put in safety pins and wore the saree anyway....

PQ-- bravo to you, PQ! always felt a child needs both parents so never tried to in India you need to be in a family setting or show that there is a father-figure around-- which I can't show now.