Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Saturday I attended a book launch; a book of free verse, Bharat Trivedi’s Acchandotsav (written in Gujarati) was released in august company without any of the hoopla that accompanies English book launches. The poet read his verse, the book was released amongst a gathering of the finest poets in the state; and then select poets were invited to read from their best work. In those wrinkles and fine lines you could see the work of a life time, of fealty to craft and line and form. In their claps and appreciation, there was understanding, there was acknowledgement of belonging to the same brotherhood. Now I need to shake off that ennui and finish up the tx.

Amazing how our elders help us and bless our way even long after they’re gone.


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Time flies fast ... 5 years gone between two winks of an eye.

icyHighs said...

You read/speak Gujurati?

austere said...

Haan Mago, sometimes time flies, sometimes not. I need that luck to get over this treacly feeling.

yep, icy. translate too. want to read?

PQ said...

Very true