Monday, October 21, 2013

Read a brilliant, incisive story by Paul Theroux y’day. Was reading as I prepared to doze off for my precious Sunday siesta, but by the tale’s end I was sitting up straight, all neurons afire. An interview with the author is here:

Funny thing at the temple yesterday, in our chanting group—a minor tiff over seating escalated to nasty abuses (quite disregarding the diety); both the gentlemen are well in their seventies. O boy. An eye opener.

Caught the beginning of Rajnigandha (1974) on one of the DD channels. After I gaped at the empty roads, zero traffic and larger than usual apartments, got tired of the pacing.


Anonymous said...

"... what Borges mastered." - Aha, the old masters.

I hope they bowed to the deity and excused themselves. Vanity is ageless and timeless :)

The film was too slow for you? 40 years, at least one whole generation, nearly two. The two gentlemen were in their thirties and in full bloom, and possibly equally vain.

austere said...

One of the gentlemen has stopped visiting for prayers, maybe he has gone to his home town?

The pace is SO slow I lose patience... but I get to see what the city looked like...