Tuesday, September 10, 2013

yesterday was ganesh chaturthi.
the hymns at the Ramakrishna Math still resound.

tsomoriri, hemis, the dunes in jaisalmer, that strange sense of déjà vu at patwa haveli that drew me back there just to gaze at the façade when the moon was high in the skies; the tree walks, birding trips, the stillness of lakes and a bird flying high…. among the million and one things that I said thanks for. Unimaginable, wonderous things.


Anonymous said...

The moon is high here tonight, a world away, yet not so far. Flocks of bluebirds on their way Somewhere stopped in our clearing today, raucous, big-eyed. Tonight I hear several types of owls, their calls echoing around the house. I could sit on the patio all night, listening to this magic.

I love your words: tsomoiriri, hemis, the dunes in jaisalmer -- poetry for the ear.

austere said...

this is so lovely... the big man in the sky and luck took me to some lovely places last year...