Tuesday, July 02, 2013


A final final goodbye to Google Reader. Life feels strange without it. Like an arm cut off or something. Ok, Ok, I’ve taken a backup AND switched my feeds to more than one reader. YET. Why why why do this, goliath google?

LaLa. That’s how you’d spell Tata, after reading this. Such are the perils of the profession.



Anonymous said...


Sadly enough there are always some people who believe ethics are for others ...

austere said...

Mago, half of my job is in saying "no comment/ we do not speak on market conjecture..." so I understand sort of,where this man was coming from.

And he was upper crust, among the best...how can the most respected company in the country, in the world, behave in this weak-kneed fashion is quite beyond me.

Anonymous said...

It's always people. All i learned in the course of my historical studies is to look for, search for those who really "did it", were in charge and how they acted. The "best laid plans" and the best intentions can (and will!) go wrong when people act without the necessary Fingerspitzengefühl, instinct or tact or respect. Ad the feeling of superiority and bad management of public relations and you have desaster - on any level. Difficult to clean up and repair.