Thursday, March 14, 2013

This has been an incredibly tough post to write.
I was reading one of the better personal advice blogs, Trent’s simple dollar or Raptitude, I forget which, and the post was about looking back at mistakes (life mistakes, blunders, not minor misses) And picking three lessons that one has learned from them. So I thought and thought and winced and thought and well, here we go:
1. I should have trusted my gut feel. The writing on the wall IS as one reads it, and no, that’s not delusional. No one can know your interests better than you. I should have, but I didn’t., and that undermined my confidence. And it would have given me more time with the parent, time that’s irreplaceable now.
2. I should not have been passive, or what’s that term, passive aggressive. But talking back is not so part of my nature. Or defending turf. I tend to give up, compromise to keep the peace.
3. I could have strengthened my own resources. There is one part of me which says I’ve done ok. There’s another part that says I could have done much much better, sharper, been more PROACTIVE rather than merely riding the wave. 
Neat thing, this.