Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ok…now that the sheets have been changed, the furniture dusted and floor cleaned, the plants brought back from my friend who was babysitting them… it almost feels like home. In good news, my Aadhar card is in—the postman called me to let me know he’s putting it in the mailbox (surprising how much a diwali baksheesh can matter… ), the first issue of New Yorker courtesy the US State Dept is in, though it seems read, but all that reminding for my prize for SPAN’s competition seems to have helped, or maybe this is a, token gesture… my tax papers are in, so last year is finished and done.
I began looking at the 1350 photos from the trip, and realized there is no way I can upload all of them, so will begin to share snippets with photos asap, and in no particular order. Shortly.


PQ said...

Beautiful pics Austy. I just finished reading The Alchemist so desert is fresh on my mind...I do want to visit one some day.
And yay I got my Aadhar card too :) I am all excited to see this card

rainbow rain said...
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rainbow rain said...

The title of your blog drew me in and the beauty of your writing held me here for long :)