Saturday, October 20, 2012

grey seas, NP

Today’s festival dress color is grey. But there is no way you can wear the grey of uncertainty, or of grey skies,  or hazy grey lines. When I hunted for pictures I notice grey stands out only if there is color or texture to contrast. I shall think  instead about swirling mists and the sheen of grey pearl, and the grey or a rose-tinged dawn.


PQ said...

Someone these days is a lot into dresses ;), just the previous post I saw some nice salwar kameez. I am liking it :)
Austy, this year I haven't shopped at all, can you believe that? I dont intend to either since I just have too many clothes, new ones too that I just haven't worn in ages.

austere said...

If you read Simple Dollar-- what he says is shop when the sales are on, and use the garments over time-- you think of your collection as stock.