Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have just returned from a long and dusty ride out of town (almost), have seen what can be done to schooling for the poorest of the poor if there is intent, resources, sharp will, using available structures and govt. facilities, and tweaking what is needed. Also, in the swing of places from last week’s opulence and creamy layer in attendance to this, I’ve come full circle. Just for the record. Dizzy.


norrbu said...

I'm thinking of sponsoring just such a kid starting sometime next year.

Arunima said...

I used to volunteer through my ex organization. It is so amazing to see the smiles of the children na?
One of my colleagues pay the salary of a teacher in one such school every month and she has managed to build a school for them. I salute her.

@norrbu: It doesn't take much. I do it through CRY.

austere said...

at the co where I work the founder puts aside a chunk of his dividend—serious money—to this foundation in his father’s name.
quietly they have been doing work in healthcare and tribal education since 2003.
what really is impactful is that they work with and within the existing govt system, working to fill in the gaps. Strengthen what already exists on the ground
They run a tribal teacher training center o/s Bby and I had gone there for information to make some ppt slides.
Usually I take the easy way out, writing a cheque.
But this brings to mind “ teach a man how to fish”