Friday, November 11, 2011

I’d stepped in for a minute out of politeness; it was late and I needed to finish my walk, but what an amazing time I had, I returned brighter and happier past the magic hour. Old world courtesy, fading sepia photos, lace and laughter. They’ve been married over 50 years-- time in which she turned from demure and dainty, really pretty, slender to gray, and he from dashing and valiant to wrinkled, unsteady now. Sepia, lingering perfume and hints of the Raj. His mother was Anglo-Indian and worked for the railways, looked so much like Jackie O. Laughter gales at the tale of recalcitrant pet hens, a special one that’d sip tea, and the grateful eggs the clutch would produce, and that had to be given away.
There is so much of life around only if we’d take the time to see.


norrbu said...

yes, how wonderful, a sort of dream life - can one be lucky? I'm sure it requires work and a steady mind.

austere said...

yes, both worked at not fancy jobs all their lives and do not have too much money to spare right now...yet, so content.

PQ said...

The last line is so true Austy...sthg totally meant for me...espclly at this point of time