Friday, September 09, 2011

Where does the faith come from, he asked.
From having the faith battered a few hundred times, like an old tin can
From hitting ground zero with no where to go
Once too often
from knowing edge-of-the-mind distraught
And coming full circle.
From coincidences that fall in place, Oh… like that.
And missing catastrophe by a whisker’s breadth.
So often.
For the lessons of a bitter decade, in retrospect, amazing grace.
From glittering empty roads that you try to master, literally and figuratively,
fumbling, heart a-thunder
From the clatter of shrouded gurneys that pass by your head as you do ICU vigil
From trembling courage as you gather piles of new clothes now useless, for charity
From events that seem life shattering, but a boon in retrospect
From the people you meet. Over and over again.


Shraddha said...

So true....... Awsome...

just wonderful.... needed sumthin lyk that at this moment... thanks

PQ said...

Was this related to 9/11?

norrbu said...

I feel like this was an answer to my where-does-the-bhakti-come-from question. Thanks di - I hope that second last line come true. And I don't know what to make of your last line.