Saturday, May 28, 2011

And I thought it only happened in fiction…Why do two people who once evidently cared for each other, willingly and willfully set out to destroy the other to nothingness, a pale shadow of their former selves? Past the cardboard pretence, so much so that there is nothing left, nothing much that one could call worthy or respected, at most tolerance, a living arrangement? Does familiarity breed contempt, after which ennui sets in, ensuring you whittle away at all that was vital, good and pure once? And fool me, I thought people were meant to grow together, reach for the sunlight, with overlapping and independent areas of interest.

To life, then...

EDITED: This is not about me.


shooting star said...

austy..sadly it happens...and i have been in a relationship which went from wonderful to horrible and i canoot believe at the time what a horrible person i had become for the other person(and vice versa).....when i look back now.....i see the dark side of me..and just hope i never have to be that person in any relationship!!! and that no one has to become that bad to me!!!!

veenago said...

Hi Austere. unsual Libran,
You posted the following on my blog:
Were you in Baroda in the late 70's/ early 80's by any chance? Did you go to Navrachana?
The answer is yes. So tell me who yo are?! You can visit and email me from there.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the deconstruction (and destruction) of self and relationship which you describe. It is a terrible storm. Only thing you can do as a witness is to duck and cover until the parties involved are spent and then (maybe) be there as a friend (if there are any pieces left).