Friday, February 18, 2011

Frostwriting features my essay, a tribute to the Practice group on IWW , (and to my friend Alice in particular)


Arunima said...

very nicely written. you've gone from srength to strength as a writer

PQ said...

The site won't load...will try again later...eager to read it..

PQ said...

Just read your article Austy...its wonderful to read about your journey in writing and yes your dedication. Had heard Terry Fator mention on a show recently that it took him 26 years to get where he is.

I've been your big fan since I read your writing nearly 6 years've seemed so perfect to me...and it surprises me that someone could score you a six. Although we definitely do not want people to always agree with us, I feel sometimes tastes are subjective.

I do like your attitude especially 'get on with it' :-) Way to go best wishes for you always.

Oops...was that a very long comment ;-)