Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm ok in bits and pieces.
Yesterday, I returned to work after a long time. Three months is a long time.
Opening the door to let myself in at home, that was a disconnect.
And my sleep has gone for a toss.
So many "what-if's".
A day at a time.
But ok, I think.


PQ said...

I've always believed that people who leave us are watching on us from up above. And our feeling sad will make them sad too.
I know this has been so difficult for you. I hope and pray that you find some peace.

Epiphany said...

The void you feel right now, will soon become a place you go back to look at the memories... It took me e few years to realize it, hope it is much sooner for you...

AmitL said...

Austy,it's so good to read that you're slowly and surely trying to adjust to the situation..yes, three months is a long time and yes, there'll be a lot of 'what-ifs' major suggestion- keep your mind occupied-reading, listening to devotional songs...anything...TC..anything u want to share, do drop me a mail.

Arunima said...

yes, a day at a time. Take care.