Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At that hour the sky is pitch dark, just the quiet and a dog or cat yodeling; but later, rich pinks flood the sky, usha arun ney kumkum pagaley.. those were the words I remember from a song learnt in class 4, and there has yet to be a better capture for this dawn parade, or the finery of gold spun over the frangipani.

Each day teaches me something new about human nature. Will polish and use in a story, not to worry.


AmitL said...

hehe..Austy,I hope I can imagine thusly, once I'm back in Baroda..:)Was this 4th std poem from a school in Baroda?

Anonymous said...


PQ said...

I love the pic...very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love your reflections on nature and human nature. I think you would like to see our sky-bright night sky, here in the longleaf pine woods of northwest Florida where there is not too much light pollution.

Maybe when you are on a book tour, eh? :)

PipeTobacco said...


Such a lovely photograph! It fits in so well with the beauty of your words.


Arunima said...

and I caught up with all your posts. I love the fact that you say much with so little.

Amazing pics too.

Leni Qinan said...

The picture is surely a good capture! Great moment!

austere said...

Leni- ty. This city has many surprises.

Arunima: ty. :) my words are plasticine, mould them as you wish. :))

PT: delighted to see you here. ty.

Elizabeth: I'd love to do that. Someday, if it so be willed. 400 words are tough to squeeze out, let's delink from any heroic writing effort. :))

PQ :) ty

amit- believe it or not, on an Enid Blyton overdose I took myself to a boarding school in A'bad in class 4, thankfully navnirman happened. :))

mago- ty.