Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I like my pages properly laid out.
The font crisp and black.
Proper margins. Decent, white paper.Space to spare.
Even if its a paperback.
Especially if its a paperback. And the only book I’ll buy this year.
For the rest I have footpath sales, traffic signal sales.
I like the book to be bound perfectly.
And the edges to be perpendicular—not somewhat sloping.
Specially if I pay my scarce dollars and its fifty rupees to a dollar.
No thank you, Amazon—my book reached me ok but I’m disappointed.


manuscrypts said...

kindled a thought in you? ;)

norrbu said...

whats the book called austere di?

AmitL said...

Me too,me too!But,what was this book that you ordered from Amazon?Wasn't it at Crossword?
I feel astonished to see the prices of some books,though-700 bucks plus? How many people would buy that? And,that too at a time when pirated copies come on the stands in 2-3 days of an original's release?In this regard,I love Chetan Bhagat's concept..a simple 95 bucks ensures that the originals reach the masses.

PQ said...

I'm curious on the book :-)

austere said...

manuji- too old fashioned for Kindle. Maybe later?

norrbu, amit, pq- On writing/ Stephen King.
paid more for the courier than the book.lucche log. indiaplaza, crossword didn't have it- hence.

didn't know "mass market paperback" translated to "ugly"

Anonymous said...

Few people recognize a well made book when you hit it on their head.
It is a curse!
DIN A 4 rules the world and the printers. Any fool who can use a text-program thinks he can "do" a page. They fear the white space, horror vacui! They can not use the tons of fonts - it's all Arial or Times Roman which I can not stand anymore. No Garamond (who was that? It's a name? See, no nothing ... Industrial "bound" books, an euphemism for "glued together", no cloth: Why did mankind invent different sizes and different ways to bind a book - if absolutely nobody takes care?
At the front of a big Beford-machine you put in a diskette or today a stick and 50 meters down the fabrication hall the ready bound books fall of the belt, to be put on palettes and ready to be shipped, like any other mass-product. Like stupid plastic thingies.
Ach I beg your pardon.
It makes me angry to see that such a noble tool becomes treated as if it would be a throw-away thing. In the end we will have to memorize them, Fahrenheit 451 sends greetings ...

abbagirl74 said...

I know what you are talking about. Books are so cheaply made now.

Alien said...

a pity i say ...

Arunima said...

:-) My husband is also like that. The only problem is that he doesn't buy from the foothpath also. And I feel it is being foolish.

AmitL said... post since days..hope everything's aok.TC.

austere said...

amit- all well. have posted. :) thanks.

arunima- no footpath sales? my my! I'd vote for your hubby, though!

alien- yep, the content is great though.

abbagal- no respect for the text, I think

mago- loved your respect for knowledge, for learning, is it not? Once upon a time the books used to be leather bound, with gold lettering.