Sunday, October 01, 2006

So! It was a jamboree. That Google Wordmasters challenge in Bandra yesterday morning..
Good fun, just getting there, and good fun too, to laugh and shout in a chorus and feel decidedly collegial for a while. A max. 200-word essay to be written using 20 given words, in 45 min or less. Not very objective, especially when you have an all-seats-occupied- standing-space-only auditorium full of people of all ages- teenyboppers to silver-framed grandfathers biting at their pencils, tense and raring to go. I would have expected a TOEFLish word-usage screen to set the bar for the first level, perhaps an essay to follow for quality. But perhaps they know better. It was good fun to do, although I clocked in at about 160, without much sparkling expression. I realize I have become dependent on using a keyboard, and need the space to change words around or press shift f7 at whim, make word messes on whim.Dim lights and cramped seats where one sits sort of slanting to get the arm space right, no thanks. The auditorium was impressive, with several large monochrome prints of stars from the silver screen by Gautam Rajadhyaksha lining the foyer; and posters from the Shakespeare Globe Theatre setting aspirations at the spotlights. Yet beyond all this, 6 person strong queues haggling for forms for the usual science and commerce courses. and I wonder about the roads we take and the ones we don't.


Soleil said...

maja aavi ne! bas tyare! and bahu vicharvanu nahi, about turn mari ne new/ old roads all still available. yes, boss? and biju shu karyu, bolo bolo, tell tell! :)

Cherie! said...

So what did you write on / about? don't they have an online competition too?

abbagirl74 said...

I do hope you share with us what beautiful words you chose to inflict upon them. Can't wait to read them.

Sathya said...

Hi aust,
Hurray first time here... at new place..

So how was the competetion ?


Paavani said...

Ohh you went to that competition.
I know we are so much used to of this key board and shift F7, writing by using pen is real challenge.
Was any specific topic to write?
and when is result coming :)

austere said...

soleil- jalsa! beeju shoon? edited !

cherie- On Innovation. horrible writing. I dont think they do, not yet.

abbagirl- the words will be consigned to a garbage heap, with the other entries, or will be sold to some peanut vendor. smiles.

sathya- welcome! quite ugh. and argh.

paavani- yes, i cant seem to form leters too well. 20 words- one oprion was innovation. the other was anger.

Anonymous said...

i almost registered but got a frown at current employer and left it at that... would've been fun :(

austere said...

Oh well. it was fun. But on the other hand, you saved half a CL. :)